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Software, Installation Instructions and Meet Manuals
Quick Start Guide
This guide is intended to be used by WHALe console operators who are setting up the Time Drops and Meet Maestro systems for use on the day of a WHALe meet.
Microsoft OneDrive
OneDrive must be installed on both laptops that will be used to run Dolphin and Meet Maestro at a WHALe meet.

Meet Maestro Software
Meet Management software used to run WHALe Meets.  This software must be installed on any laptop that will be used to load times from the Dolphin Timing System 
Meet Maestro Documentation Documentation for using Meet Maestro.
How to Assign Meet Maestro Admin Permissions in SwimTopia This document is intended to show Team SwimTopia website administrators how to assign permissions to access Meet Maestro to parents who will be serving as console operators.

OneDrive Symbolic Link Creator
This script creates link on the computer's desktop which allows for direct access to the OneDrive sharing location where timing files are stored.  This is required for the Dolphin software to function properly.
*ONLY USE IF THE ONE ABOVE DOESN'T WORK* OneDrive Symbolic Link Creator Same as above, just minor changes for the changes in new Windows 11 computers
Meet documents
Change Request Form The form used for on-deck entries and changes at the pool 5/12/2015

DQ Codes Meet Maestro DQ Codes that Meet Referees should use when documenting disqualifications 6/1/2019
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