WHALe purchase Wireless Timing System

    For this coming 2015 season WHALe has purchased enough timing systems to support all dual swim meets.

    The league evaluated several suppliers but chose the Colorado Dolphin Wireless System.

    Dolphin provides wireless stopwatch-style timing for swimming competitions. It significantly reduces the amount of effort required to run a meet and manage data. By transferring all timing data wireless, the system has improved accuracy compared to manual stopwatches.

    Three modes of operation:

    • Electronic Synchronized Start/Manual Stop
      • Connect the starter unit to any CTS electronic start system. All watches will start timing with the start system signal. Each watch stops when the lane timer stops it. These times are wireless transmitted and saved for immediate access by Meet Manager. This is what WHALe will be doing
    • Manual Synchronized Start/Manual Stop
      • The official with the starter unit starts all watches in conjunction with the whistle. Each watch stops whenthe lane timer stops it.
    • Manual Start/Manual Stop
      • This mode is used for collecting backup times at major events, and is compliant with all swimming ruling bodies’ (FINA, NCAA, USS, NFHS, YMCA) requirements for backup timing. Lane timers start and stop the watches independently for a fully manual system.
    • In all three operation modes, finish times are wireless transmitted and recorded.
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